What Stressbuster's Guests Say...

Here are some comments guests have written in Stressbuster's"Voyages" logbook. The
comments, observations, and drawings from the kids we've had aboard we treasure especially!
It’s been a lifelong dream since I studied Greek mythology as a teenager to go to Greece and see the
islands. This vacation was everything I’d imagined and so much more! Both of you were fabulous
and I always loved your insights into the Greek culture, the food, and the individual ports we visited. I
definitely got stress-busted and wish this vacation would never end. Best to both of you.

                                                                                                   California, U.S.A.

Thank you so much for letting us see Greece through your eyes. If you’re ever in Los Angeles let us
show you around! These memories will always be with us, and we hope you’ll be seeing us again.
Thank you for taking such good care of us.
                                                                                                   California, U.S.A.

Thank you for giving us the BEST part of our honeymoon. We can’t thank you enough for the
voyage, the food, and the local expertise, and your warm and gracious hospitality in sharing your
beautiful floating home with us. Every stop along the way has given us a lilfelong memory….For sun-
and-boat loving foodies, we can’t imagine a more perfect vacation!! We hope to get back soon for
our next adventure…Ionian or Sporades, perhaps? Safe sailing and best wishes.
                                                                                                   Colleen & Pete
                                                                                                   Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Thank you for making my first trip to the Greek islands so memorable. I’d forgotten how much I
love sailing! Also thank you for making our family holiday a great one.
                                                                                                   Adelaide, Australia

Thanks for sharing your skill, caring, and hospitality to make for us just a perfect vacation together. It
has been a family time we will remember always. All the best to you both, and we’ll hope to see you
to sail Greek waters again.        
                                                                                                      Kyle & Bev
                                                                                                      Colorado, U.S.A.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the islands and all Greece has to offer. We will always
remember our time on your boat, and seeing the sites. We couldn’t have asked for more.
                                                                                                     Jeremy & Julie
                                                                                                     Colorado, U.S.A.

Your warmth and hospitality are unmatched, and we thank you for your sharing of knowledge and the
boating life with us. We will always remember the islands and the relaxing time we enjoyed sailing.
We are impressed with the skill and experience you showed. We look forward to next time!

                                                                                                     Kelly & Matt
                                                                                                    Colorado, U.S.A.

Having never sailed (I mean, really sailed) before, I can only say that I cannot imagine a more fun,
friendly, helpful, safety-conscious, hard-working, patient, energetic, good-cooking, smart sailing,
thoughtful “crew” – or even actual traveling companions! Thank you two!         
                                                                                                      Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Every time (I can’t believe I can say that! – Three times we’ve sailed with you, and maybe another
this fall) – we come and see you, it’s an adventure, but with the right amount of the familiar to feel
what we are home. We hope that the memories for you are as special as they are for us.
                                                                                                     Massachusetts, U.S.A.

I really had an amazing week with you two. You bring the most perfect experience of the Greek
islands. I really look forward to seeing you two again soon. Thank you!
                                                                                                      Zurich, Switzerland

Mogan and I hadn’t sailed before, and I was a bit apprehensive about it. Now that I have done it with
both of you, it’s not bad at all! Meals onboard were great. We have a lot to tell our family. We had a
great time! Thank you.
                                                                                                    Mogan and Gan

Everyone loved it! I had tears in my eyes when I left, and again this morning when we spoke. Thank
you for just being you!
                                                                                                    Maryland, U.S.A.

What an enchanting “once-in-a-lifetime” experience we had as a family sailing the seas on
Stressbuster! Every day was a new adventure filled with new sights, interesting activities, and great
food. Yes, the weather was hot, but the views, the cool blue-green water, and your gracious
hospitality more than compensated! Thank you for accommodating us so well. We will cherish our
memories of this great family vacation and are grateful for the opportunities you provided. We hope to
see “y’all” again soon.
                                                                                                    Steve & Betsy
                                                                                                    Mississippi, U.S.A.

Thank you for such a charming trip through the Saronic islands. We will especially remember relaxing
lunches around the table and wine and cheese in the evening…a barbecue in a remote cove and all the
stars – amazing!! This was one of the most refreshing weeks of our lives and we hope to return to
log more hours on Stressbuster.
                                                                                                    Will & Katherine        
                                                                                                    New York, U.S.A.

We came as clients, but I hope we are leaving as friends. You have made all of us feel welcome.
Thank you for the wonderful meals, the unforgettable anchorages, and the endless entertainment of
Hydra harbor! Lynda, please send me some of your great recipes!

                                                                                                    Len & Lori, U.S.A.
I must admit I approached this trip with a bit of trepidation. On boarding, this immediately dissolved
with your warm greetings. With each day came a new adventure, many belly laughs, and many
special moments. Lynda’s lunches were a highlight of every day, as was Kostas’s enthusiasm for his
country. We appreciate all the detailed effort you two put forth to keep us happy and safe. Your good
hospitality truly made this a great reunion with old friends and for memorable moments with our
parents. Thank you for being so wonderful with the children and for sharing a piece of your lives
with us. We will forever remember our newfound friends on Stressbuster!

                                                                                       Amy, Brian, and Anya , U.S.A.

Thank you so much for helping to make our travel dream come true. Sailing the islands has always
been a goal we thought was impossible. It is a very special gift you share with your travelers. The
best part of traveling is meeting people from the places we go. Thanks for including us in your
passion for Greece.
                                                                                         Stacy & Erik
                                                                                         Lightwater, U.K.

Thank you both for a fantastic vacation. Your knowledge of the Greek islands and the great meals
have made this a memorable experience for all of us. Getting to know both of you has enriched our
                                                                                             Pat & Larry
                                                                                             Georgia, U.S.A.

Thanks for showing us the wonderful areas we couldn’t have known about from our guide books!
This was an awesome, unforgettable experience. Lynda – I have learned a new love for tomatoes! I
will try to imitate your Greek Salads to share with family and friends!
                                                                                             Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Wow, what an amazing experience! Thanks for taking us to the non-tourist places for a true Greece
experience. We look forward to seeing yo next year for more experiences.

                                                                                               Story & Bill
                                                                                              Texas, U.S.A.             

And More From Our Young Sailors….

What a wonderful sailing experience! We would feel safe sailing with Capt. Kostas anywhere – what an
extremely capable sailor! Lynda’s wonderful communication during our long (2+ years) planning process
and tips on places to visit made for a great, great trip! We hope you two enjoyed our sail as much as we
                                                                                                   Brenda & Greg
                                                                                                   Texas, U.S.A.

BRAVO!  What a great time. Lynda, thanks for the tips on things to do and not, and thanks for letting
Charlie have fun in the galley! Kostas, you are a wonderful captain, made us have no worries, and best
of all, NO STRESS! You guys are the best. Thank you for sharing your Greece with us. Blessings to
you both.
                                                                                                      Charlie & Gail
                                                                                                       Florida, U.S.A.

I don’t even know the day to date this note, so that is a good thing for me! All I know is that it’s May of
the year 2010. We wanted to do nothing but appreciate the beauty of the sea and the Greek lifestyle.
Mission accomplished! We enjoyed the food, the wine, the stories of Greek history. It was special for us
to share the present moment in such beauty. Thanks for your hospitality. You can plan your travels, but
until your experience is real, you really can’t live the beauty of the sea. Peace and happiness to you
                                                                                                      Janet & Gary
                                                                                                      Maryland, U.S.A.

We’ve had a great five days and a terrific intro to sailing in the islands! We will remember your friendly
natives, your hospitality, your expert sailing knowledge, historical info, and more, and we appreciate your
attention to our destination requests, to details, and to meal planning. You gave us some of the best fun,
food, and laughs we’ve had in Greece! Hopefully we’ll see you again in the future. Best wishes.

                                                                                           Steve, Phil, Chris, and Sarah

We enjoyed our cruise, but even more we enjoyed getting to know you and, through you, the Greek
islands and culture. This was SO much better than taking a bareboat charter and trying to see the best by
accident. We appreciated the passion you have for the best of Greece and the maintenance of boating and
cruising standards. For me, having such gourmet hosts was a real plus. We will be dining “Greek” for
many years to come! Thank you!
                                                                                                      Mimi & John
                                                                                                      California, U.S.A.

This was a long-awaited trip. More than I could ever imagine…wonderful food, terrific stops, and the
weather was perfect. Thank you to both of you – you did a perfect job of keeping us safe and allowing
the freedom to enjoy the islands of Greece.
                                                                                                     California, U.S.A.

I can’t tell you how much fun we had on your boat! Your are both wonderful hosts and if only I could
cook like you, Lynda! I can’t tell you how happy both Howard and I are to have enjoyed your company.
You have made our vacation. Thank you both.
                                                                                                    Howard & Pat
                                                                                                    Florida, U.S.A.

Your boat is wonderful and the trip was amazing, but it was the two of you that made it magical. Thank
you for the lifelong memories.
                                                                                                    Utah, U.S.A.
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