Advice on Routes from a Seasoned Greek Skipper, Kostas Ghiokas
When you're preparing a sailing vacation, you must first decide on a general area or island group, and then choose an
itinerary, or more specific sailing plan. Every itinerary should leave some room for flexibility.
I will divide Greece's sailing areas in the same way as does
Rod Heikell, the famous author of the bible of the Greek
seas,  the
Greek Waters Pilot  (Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson).
The Aegean and the Ionian is by far the most popular sailing areas, but let's approach the boundaries geographically,
starting from west to east. The sailing plan that I describe on these areas is day by day although this is tough and it
does not give you time to see and feel the life on the islands. As  a matter of fact my sail plan is something like a rally
but is necessary to describe every major area. Some times exceeds an average vacation time. 10 or more times is not
enough to get bored of Greece simply because even to me as Greek is still unexplored.

Where Should I Choose to Sail in Greece?

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islands and coastal villages.
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Aegean Medieval chart.
Aegean Routes
Kea island - Chora.
Delphi view
Akropolis Kariatis
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